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Jam-free Metal ABS Stapler Near Me with Large Capacity Office Homeproduct

SKU: 0261,0263,0267,0268

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12 72 160*60*43 YES
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【Extended Magazine Cartridge】Blue, grey and black staplers, holds up to 100 pieces of 24/6 staples or 150 pieces of 26/6 staples.  It can be used for a long time without reloading staples.

【Staples 25 Sheets】 This reliable stapler can fasten up to 25 sheets of paper. This stapler is very helpful in organizing exam papers, essays and other important documents. Simple and easy to use. Get your stapler today.

【Durable Material】ABS outer shell and metal framework is durable. Look for staplers near me? Stapler is a tool for binding sheets of paper together. Find the best stapler for your needs with the help of BEIFA.

【Multipurpose】This stapler is very helpful in organizing exam papers, essays and other important documents. Simple and easy to use. Get your office stapler today.



Metal-Lengthen-Stapler Metal-Lengthen-Stapler2 Metal-Lengthen-Stapler3 Metal-Lengthen-Stapler4 Metal-Lengthen-Stapler5 Metal-Lengthen-Stapler6Metal-Lengthen-Stapler Metal-Lengthen-Stapler2 Metal-Lengthen-Stapler3


Metal-Lengthen-Stapler4 Metal-Lengthen-Stapler5 Metal-Lengthen-Stapler6

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