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ABS Combination Clear Drawer Organizers Set Tray Dividersproduct

SKU: BFFX959,BFFX960,BFFX961,BFFX962,BFDT903,BRST907Out of Stock

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Item Dimension Weight  Package Quantity/Box   Carton Size Carton Weight Material Lead time MOQ
BFFX959 7.6*7.6*2.7cm 37.5g 5pcs/Opp Bag 270pcs/Box 47.6*40*27.3CM 10.1KG Paper 45 5000
BFFX960 15.2*7.6*2.7cm 66.3g 1pcs/Opp Bag 135pcs/Box 46.6*40*27.3CM 18.9KG Paper 45 5000
BFFX961 23.8*7.6*3.5cm 115g 1pcs/Opp Bag 144pcs/Box 48.6*47.6*45CM 16.5KG Paper 45 5000
BFFX962 24*15.2*3.5cm 183g 1pcs/Opp Bag 60pcs/Box 49*46.6*36CM 10.9KG Paper 45 3000
BFDT903 32.4*22.8*4.5cm 364g 1pcs/Opp Bag 48pcs/Box 59.4*65.8*38CM 17.4KG Paper 45 3000
BRST907 32.4*22.8*5cm 1130g 1pcs/Color box 16pcs/Box 59.4*65.8*38CM 18KG Paper 45 3000


1、Material: The sundry storage box is made of a brand-new plastic material, which is healthy and environmentally friendly, comfortable to the touch, sturdy and durable, and very suitable for home use.
2、Simple design: There is no exterior decoration, but the small size can leave a deep impression. Different sizes correspond to different items, and everything becomes orderly.
3、Free combination: small drawers of different sizes can be combined and matched at will, and the storage is reasonably classified, so that the space is tidy and orderly and not messy.
4、Superimposed placement: Small size portable can be placed on the large size drawer for stacking storage, which can save space, and the kitchen desktop storage is easier to classify and summarize.

 BFDT903 BFFX959 BFFX961 BFFX962 BFFX960 BRST907



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