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AITOP awarded “Contemporary Good Design”

AITOP awarded “Contemporary Good Design”


Design Description:

With the development of the times, traditional writing tools are more and more difficult to adapt to the needs of the modern office. The purpose of this design is to make a breakthrough in the traditional writing tools with the help of science and technology, to provide users with more convenient office tools, so that the work is more efficient and interesting.



This is a smartpen set containing a smart notebook, smartpen, and other accessories, is a new notebook concept that can realize paper screen synchronization. At present, the APP can realize functions such as one-click recording and note-sharing. It also supports the recognition of 4 languages and the translation of content in more than 30 languages. The suit is simple in style and low-key in color, which is suitable for multiple types of people and provides users with a more comfortable recording experience. With the support of science and technology, the AITOP smartpen set provides users with a more efficient and convenient way of working.



The 2021 Contemporary Good Design Award will be judged online and on-site. Nine senior Red Dot judges will evaluate the entries online and hold several rounds of discussion via online video conference to select the outstanding entries from the numerous entries for this year’s nomination.



The final on-site review will be conducted by judges from Mainland China, who will conduct an offline final review of all nominated works, including questions and objections in the online review stage, for more detailed review and confirmation, to ensure fairness, professionalism, and authority of Contemporary Good Design Award.