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Good News | Beifa Again Honored as “Top Ten Enterprises in China’s Light Industry Pen Making”!

On April 22, the Ninth Session of the Third Expanded Council and the Second Member Representatives Conference of the China Pen-Making Association were held in Wenzhou, with Beifa Group participating as a vice-chairman unit. At the conference, Beifa Group was honored with the title of “Top Ten Enterprises in China’s Light Industry Pen Making”!

Beifa Group adheres to the development strategy of “one pen, one chain, one platform,” dedicating itself to crafting a fine Chinese pen. Placing technological advancement at the forefront, the group has consistently pursued the path of scientific and technological innovation, with a long-term focus on R&D investment to enhance its independent innovation capabilities. The group continuously innovates in the design field and specializes in production and manufacturing, advancing technological innovation and digital, intelligent transformation.


Currently, Beifa is building a high-quality development platform for the global cultural and creative industry, focusing on creating a global brand marketing network and the Beifa China Brand Supply Chain Center. By accumulating user data, the company aims to transition from “making money to being valuable.” In the next three years, Beifa plans to establish 30 brand centers, 1,000 brand distributors, and 30,000 B-end customers. Through these brand centers, China’s supply chain advantages will be directly linked to central customers and retailers in various countries, better serving global brand users.