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Texture and feel, Buyilehu metal neutral pen is coming!

Texture and feel, Buyilehu metal neutral pen is coming!

Spring breeze comes for you, flowers bloom for you
Good things are happening for you
Please keep a good mood, the new Beifa pre-sale is coming ~
Buyilehu metal neutral pen
Gives you a different sense of use
A good harvest this spring ~

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Four kinds of pens
The table was full of colors
Always makes people feel better, light up happiness

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Quick-drying ink
Quick-drying ink for smooth writing
Neutral pen with stable ink
With fewer impurities, stable performance, and other advantages
Writing is smooth and not easy to accumulate ink
Not easy to scratch paper

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Texture and feel
Metal pen body, texture, and feel both
Metallic pen body
It avoids being too heavy
Moderate weight and comfortable writing
Pure and fresh color
A slim pen body is more elegant

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