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Beifa starts work in the year of rabbit

Beifa starts work in the year of rabbit

未命名的设计 - 2023-01-30T090921.498

The 8th day of the 1st lunar month

Beifa Group Chairman Qiu Zhiming and some company leaders

Visit workshops and departments

Condolences to all employees returning to work after the holiday

With New Year’s wishes

Encourage everyone to be more full of fighting spirit

With a new spirit

Jump into the New Year

Contribute to the high-quality development of the group

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未命名的设计 - 2023-01-30T091037.452

During the visit, Chairman Qiu Zhiming put forward the following requirements for various work:

In the Year of the Rabbit, each of us should have a dream in our heart, and encourage our employees to strive on the platform with wisdom and diligence to create and share wealth;

In addition to completing various tasks, we should also do a good job in service, innovation, and shaping corporate culture, so that everyone can truly feel that this is a happy enterprise with warmth, humanity, and love.

We should ensure that the direction is not biased and the heading remains the same. We should find ways and strategies in the implementation process to improve our core competitiveness. We should look inward as well as outward.

Finally, I wish all the Beifa family a good start and a new journey together!