Ningbo Leather Industry Association visited the park!

Ningbo Leather Industry Association visited the park!

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On the morning of May 18, 2022, Mr. Ding Zhonggrong, President of Ningbo Leather Industry Association, visited Beijou Innovation Park.


Guests visited the exhibition hall of Beifa Corporate culture, Library of Cultural Articles, international exhibition hall, and other places, to learn about Beifa’s corporate culture, business model, personalized product customization, and to praise the unique corporate culture and innovative business philosophy of Beifa Group.


In the symposium, Ningbo leather industry association vice-chairman concurrently secretary general Mr. Yu introduced the development association, the association is the luggage leather goods, shoes, leather chemical, leather, fur, sewing equipment, and other enterprises as the foundation, to promote the development of the whole bank, for the purpose of the members and play a role of bridge and link between government departments.


Over the years, Beifa has accumulated brand assets and exported its brand to the outside world. Besides making a traditional pen, beifa has redefined a pen, continuously expanded a chain, and comprehensively created a platform to meet the personalized value proposition of the Z era.


In the future, the two parties will combine cultural and creative products with leather craftsmanship to enhance the added value of products and endow them with new cultural connotations.